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Staying Abreast in The Midst of Changing Technologies

Technology is always improving. Since the beginning of modern civilization, people have been improving existing concepts and developing new and better ways of accomplishing the same tasks. The era where you’ll do the same thing for years then retire is long gone. Learning must be an integral part of your career. But although apparently difficult, it doesn't have to be a burden.

You might be wondering, what happens if you don’t keep up?

Well, If you don’t keep up with technology and stay one step ahead of the game, you begin to fall behind and become irrelevant. This is because if everyone else is moving forward and you are standing still, you are actually falling behind. When you fall behind, you start to become irrelevant. When this happens, you begin to miss opportunities and in the long run, you won't last in a very competitive market.

But how do you stay up to date? It’s not always as easy as identifying a new technology, adopting it, and reaping the rewards. The following core strategies would help individuals stay relevant:

1. You must move your feet - If all you do is attend seminars, read, listen, watch tutorials, news, podcasts you won't get the results you want. Execution is where the magic happens. Learning without doing is just another name for paralysis by analysis. It's working that gets things moving, not information alone. And let's get one thing straight, you'll never be prepared especially when jumping to a new technology where you start from scratch. It's natural to feel angst, frustration, and even anger when you go from being on top of something to zero. Just keep going, with time, it will all make sense.

2. Solve a problem - If you look at the world of business or tech at the core, what every company solves is a problem. The need that the end-users sometimes didn't even know they had. Your learning efforts are much more powerful when they have a clear purpose. If you're at a point in your career where you've already mastered the language, then you should focus on optimizing it. Without a clear aim, you won't build something worthwhile and your research will be just a masked form of procrastination. Another option is to build your own project that will make life easier when you do another task. Build tools that will help you later.

3. Get yourself a mentor - The value of a mentor has always been underestimated. A mentor, or at least emulating someone who is now where you want to be at some point in the future, is the fastest way to success. And if you don't find someone more skilled than you, create or join a group of like-minded people to accelerate your growth.

4. Teach - There is no better way of understanding a new concept than sharing it with someone else. Having to explain a concept to someone makes it clearer and easier understood by the teacher during the process.

BY: Amara Ogu

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