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Understanding the Customer Perspective

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

As a large business, conducting activities to deliver customer satisfaction, it is sometimes possible for the organisation to go from demand-pull in provision of services to supply-push. Years down the line when orders have dwindled, it suddenly occurs to the leadership that the company is only doing business with itself and that they have lost track of the customers' needs.

In some cases, businesses carry out surveys of their clients to understand what they are feeling. In most cases, this is not enough. Some customers do not have enough time to go into the detail of their experience to give you kudos on great service. At the other end of the spectrum, many may be too upset to provide objective and constructive criticism on your services.

It is important to understand follow-on effects

One service which is gaining popularity now is the mystery assessment, where a customer simulation is performed to understand, step by step, the experience of a typical customer using multiple scenarios.

The business is able to understand the failure and success points which they can resolve or replicate across their business.

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