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Are decisions backed by data or feeling?

These are unprecedented times, at least in our generation. A time where most of the world has ground to a halt. Most offices, schools, commercial organisations have shut down to help preserve survival of our loved ones, where people are more dependent than ever on our leaders to show us what to future has to hold.

Are we sure our leaders know what to do? Do they know what's best for their people? or are they far removed from us that they do what's best for themselves, thinking it's for all of us and only benefitting themselves.

Do they know what is happening with their people, to identify those who actually need help? Do they know which help to provide? And if they are able to provide help to anyone in their care, are they able to identify the impact of this?

These are key questions. Do the world leaders have enough data to guide their activities to do what is right for their people? Or are they working on ancient data or personal feelings and missing the mark?

Our aim is to provide quick affordable data to teams that need it. We want to find out, somewhat anonymously, the perception/opinions of large groups of people to help in decision making.

Choose data, as a way to understand and tread the right path.

We provide services across parts of Africa to 'feel the pulse' and help people in organisations make the right choices.

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